Chinese New Year 2023

Image of Chinese New Year 2023

Lakes 5 and 6 had a shared Chinese New Year themed afternoon. Activities included making marks and tracking the falling red rice to reveal Chinese lettering, painting our own fans, roaring like dragons using the mic, eating prawn crackers (a huge hit!), developing our fine motor skills with…

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Lakes 6 - Phonics

Image of Lakes 6 - Phonics

Lakes 6 have been trying really hard in their phonics this week. They have been using Fred Talk to blend the sounds to read words!

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Swishy, Swishy Grass

Image of Swishy, Swishy Grass

Lakes 5’s current key story event is going through the swishy, swishy grass. They have finished off this section of the story by going up to the Immersive Room and making the meadows move on the interactive walls and floor as well as activating some animal sounds.

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Bella visits Lakes 8 and 9

Image of Bella visits Lakes 8 and 9

Lakes 8 and 9 current topic is Animals and Animal Care. Estelle and Carolyn were kind enough to bring in Bella and Marley to talk about the various things pets require. Afterwards they all took Bella for a walk outside.

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Leading Change Project

Image of Leading Change Project

Mountains 11 have worked really hard over the past few weeks on an environmental project in partnership with Centre for Leadership Performance. The project is called ‘Leading Change’ and involves students identifying a project where they could help improve the environment in the local area.…

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Mountains 11 Food Bank Collection

Image of Mountains 11 Food Bank Collection

Many thanks to everyone who has kindly donated to our North Lakes Foodbank appeal – as can be seen from the photo (taken with Head Girl and Head Boy – Jessica and Darren) we have collected a huge range of items that will benefit members of our community over the Christmas period. The donations are…

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6th Form Lunch at Lakes College

Image of 6th Form Lunch at Lakes College

The Sixth Form went to Lakes College for Christmas Dinner. Dinner was cooked by Lakes College Catering students (assisted by College tutors). Our students had a fantastic time eating the lovely food and socalising with each other. The visit also offered the opportunity to see what Lakes College is…

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Children in Need 2022

Image of Children in Need 2022

Lots of fun activities in and around school for Children in Need today.

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Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Image of Anti-Bullying Week 2022

Lakes 2 focused on kind hands and how to use their hands in kind and caring ways! They then created a kind hands tree, by painting their hands and making a tree trunk out of a range of materials and now have this on display in class to remind them that we use kind hands in Lakes 2! 

Lakes 13…

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Lakes 5 visit to Hayes Garden Centre

Image of Lakes 5 visit to Hayes Garden Centre

Lakes 5 had a fantastic trip to Hayes Garden World, it was a total immersive grotto experience. There was lots of sensory elements such as activating falling snow, interacting with the lights, listening for singing reindeers and of course, meeting Santa.

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Life as an Evacuee

Image of Life as an Evacuee

Mountains 6 have been experiencing life as an evacuee and had an experience in the Anderson Shelter.

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McMillian Cake Sale

Image of McMillian Cake Sale

Today we held a cake sale in support of Macmillian, each class baked cakes to sell.  We raised an amazing £268.73, well done to everyone involved.

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