Image of This week in Lakes 7...
23 September 2022

This week in Lakes 7...

Lakes 7 have really enjoyed exploring the topic of Growing, we have started our term with the book Monkey Puzzle. In our Art sessions we have been busy creating lots of animals for our display.

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Image of Smoothie Making
22 September 2022

Smoothie Making

As part of a Meal Preparation topic in Daily Living, Mountains 8 have been experimenting with a range of ingredients making healthy smoothies. They each took turns choosing which ingredients they'd like to put together, popped them in a blender and even gave them a try with some great success!…

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Image of Bella
22 September 2022


Mountains 11 have been learning about animal care (for their ASDAN work) based around looking after ‘Bella’ the dog. We have covered so far - food she can’t eat and the needs of a dog for it to be fit, healthy and happy. The students have been enjoying getting to know ‘Bella’ and have enjoyed…

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Image of Lakes 13 Trip to Whinlatter
21 September 2022

Lakes 13 Trip to Whinlatter

Lakes 13 enjoyed a trip to Whinlatter this week. We made some bird feeders in the forest and hung them in the trees.

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Image of Bread Making
21 September 2022

Bread Making

Mountains 4 spent the day on Wednesday making bread, following its journey from field to fork. The children looked at the process of growing wheat to make flour then we used the flour to create our dough and finally bread rolls. Lots of functional skills on display: following instructions,…

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Image of Exploring the Outdoors
20 September 2022

Exploring the Outdoors

Lakes 6 are exploring our outdoor school. They collected lots of foliage and made beautiful collages

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Image of With Respect
9 September 2022

With Respect

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Image of Summer School
26 July 2022

Summer School

This year Mayfield School was successful in securing a place on the Short Break Framework.  The first short break for 5 to 11 year olds took place yesterday.

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Image of Special Delivery
18 July 2022

Special Delivery

Lakes 4 were very excited when they received a letter from Her Lady in Waiting and a thank you card from the The Queen following a card that they sent to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The card was made by the pupils activating a spinner to make marks with paint, this made each of their squares…

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Image of Mayfield Summer Festival
14 July 2022

Mayfield Summer Festival

We have had the most AMAZING day at Mayfield Summer Festival.  Massive thank you to all the performers - Hayden, Ged Hagan Music, Committed2Rock, Jetstream2020, Evie, Lynn, Steve and our very own Declan.

Thank you to Bee Unique for working hard all day and providing the inflatable slides,…

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Image of Silver Duke of Edinburgh
4 July 2022

Silver Duke of Edinburgh

A group of Sixth Form students have just completed their Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition/ Exploration, they have been focusing on teamwork and campcraft through a variety of activities including hiking, shelter building, using stoves, teambuilding activities and beach schools in…

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Image of Jigsaw
30 June 2022


Mountains 9 visited Jigsaw to hand over the cheque for the money they raised selling soap in memory of Leo. Massive well done to all involved raising an amazing £578.

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