Mayfield School is a wonderful place to be where amazing things happen every day.


Individual difference is celebrated. High expectations of behaviour and respect are expected and achieved.


At Mayfield School, children and young people begin their lifelong learning journey supported by a team of highly skilled staff who are extremely committed to the school and who work tirelessly to develop their knowledge of the pupils needs and likes and who plan exciting and inspirational learning opportunities.


"This is a school where everyone is valued and included. Pupils enjoy highly positive and respectful relationships with staff."  Ofsted 2023


Mayfield School serves the wide geographical area of West Cumberland.


We operate across 2 sites, our provision for students aged 3 to 15 is based at Whitehaven, and our provision for students aged 15 to 19 is based at Cockermouth

It is one of only 6 special schools in the County and the only one in West Cumbria which meets the full range of SEN.


All pupils have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) reflecting either severe or profound learning needs and any additional areas of need.


"The development of pupils’ communication skills is a priority. The interactions that pupils have with staff make a significant contribution to their development. Staff provide highly nuanced support so that pupils learn how to communicate effectively with others. This includes the use of modern technology where appropriate. As a result, pupils are fully involved in their learning."  Ofsted 2023


The school is part of Cumbria Association of Secondary Heads, Cumbria Special School Headteacher’s consortium and part of the One Cumbria teaching hub - the impact of which is that the school benefits from an outward facing perspective and is increasingly involved with working with a number of professionals and initiatives that all work to support our young people and their families.


The school is led by a Headteacher who is supported by three Assistant Headteacher’s – one for Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, one for Key Stage 2 and 3 and one for Key Stage 4 and 5.  An Inclusion Lead, to fulfil the role of SENCO, monitor and improve attendance, to liaise with all external agencies is also part of the SLT as is a fully qualified School Business Manager.


We look forward to welcoming you to our school.