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26 July 2022

Summer School

This year Mayfield School was successful in securing a place on the Short Break Framework.  The first short break for 5 to 11 year olds took place yesterday.

18 July 2022

Special Delivery

Lakes 4 were very excited when they received a letter from Her Lady in Waiting and a thank you card from the The Queen following a card that they sent to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. The card was made by the pupils activating a spinner to make marks with paint, this made each of their squ...

14 July 2022

Mayfield Summer Festival

We have had the most AMAZING day at Mayfield Summer Festival.  Massive thank you to all the performers - Hayden, Ged Hagan Music, Committed2Rock, Jetstream2020, Evie, Lynn, Steve and our very own Declan. Thank you to Bee Unique for working hard all day and providing the inflatable slides,...

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