20 January 2023

Lakes 6 - Phonics

Lakes 6 have been trying really hard in their phonics this week. They have been using Fred Talk to blend the sounds to read words!

19 January 2023

Swishy, Swishy Grass

Lakes 5’s current key story event is going through the swishy, swishy grass. They have finished off this section of the story by going up to the Immersive Room and making the meadows move on the interactive walls and floor as well as activating some animal sounds.

18 January 2023

Bella visits Lakes 8 and 9

Lakes 8 and 9 current topic is Animals and Animal Care. Estelle and Carolyn were kind enough to bring in Bella and Marley to talk about the various things pets require. Afterwards they all took Bella for a walk outside.

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