School Access

The campus main gate will remain open from 8.40am to 9.15am. All buses and cars will enter into the Mayfield pupil drop off area, accessed via the through road. Gates to the Mayfield only area will close at 8.50am to allow pupils to safely enter school. These will re-open at 9am at the discretion of the transport marshall - as is the current practice.

Visitors and parents who arrive after the campus main gates have closed, or parents who are collecting pupils for early departure, may need to press the buzzer located at the Red Lonning gate, labelled “Mayfield Reception” for access onto the campus site. Once this gate has opened, park in one of the main car parks before entering the building through the main entrance - go to the Mayfield school main reception (to the right in the Winter Garden).

At the end of the school day the earliest arrival time will be 2.40pm; at 2.55pm the Mayfield school pupil drop off area gates will be closed. These will re-open when all pupils are safely on their transport at the discretion of the Marshall.

The Campus road is a one-way system with a barrier exit on to Moresby Road which will have a left turn only.

Accessibility Plan

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