Operation Snowflake” - is the name we use in school for an unplanned closure of Mayfield eg in the event of bad weather.

Schools emergency contact system is run via “Parents2Teachers” text messaging service. Parents2Teachers is the schools preferred method of contact and is used as the basis of “Operation Snowflake”. We can extend this service to the whole school community, ie, parents, transport providers, staff, etc so long as the mobile number supplied to us remains valid. The service allows us to instantly deliver the same information to everyone in the event of an emergency situation. 

Information will also be posted on Dojo.

Transport providers will be contacted as early as we can.

Your main mobile contact number is very important to school. If you think your contact information is incorrect, has changed or you have not received any text messages from school for a while, then you need to ensure your details are correctly recorded in school. Please contact the school office if you have any doubt.