Fairtrade Day

Today we celebrated the work of the Fairtrade Foundation by making climate change posters and completing cooking challenges in classes. Fairtrade works with communities to make sure they get what they need, a fair price for the things they make or grow. This then means they can make their…

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World of Work Day

Students in 5 classes from the Mountains Department were visited today by 7 sets of local employers as part of  our World of Work day.


Click here to see more about the day.

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Safer Internet Day

Today was Safer Internet Day, we have recognised this throughout the week with some stories, activities, songs and games.  The theme this year has been 'Together for a better Internet'.

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Lakes 1 Woodland Walks

Lakes 1 have enjoyed visiting different woodland areas as part of their Thrive mornings linked to their topic of Living Things..  They braved all weather and enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles!

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Supertato - Lakes 5

Lakes 5 Literacy story lessons have been focusing on the story ‘Supertato’. They have been focusing on the key characters Supertato and Evil Pea. In their activities they have had lots of opportunities to work on their writing skills by making controlled marks, giving meaning to the marks they…

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Oliver Twist - Lakes 12

Lakes 12 have been very crafty as part of their work on Oliver Twist, they have been looking at what London was like in past compared to now.  They have made a beautiful London 3D cityscape.  They also had fun making jewels for the character Fagin's treasure chest.  They have also been having a…

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Self Portraits

Mountains 3 have produced some fantastic self portraits in art.

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Mountains 3 - Baking

Mountains 3 have been doing a baking project; they decided to bake a victoria sponge cake.  They started by finding out about Queen Victoria and used the internet to research images and find a recipe for the cake.  They then went shopping for ingredients and have baked a delicious cake.

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Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year has begun this week, Mountains 5 used this weeks foreign Cultures session to learn more about the annual festival.

Firstly they listened to some interesting facts and looked at some pictures of previous celebrations in different areas of China.

Then, as its now the year…

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Lakes 2 trip to Tesco

Lakes 2 visited Tesco, they shopped for ingredients they needed for cooking as well as what they would like for snack.  They have been reading 'Supertato' as a class and they also looked at and identified the foods from the story.

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Exploring the Buddhist Faith

Lakes 11 have been exploring the Buddhist faith through playing a singing bowl, they learned that sound travels through vibrations.

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Lakes 3 - Reading

Lakes 3 have been very busy choosing new reading books to share with adults.  They have all worked extremely hard with their methods of communication, discussing what they have been reading about in their books.  they have all thoroughly enjoyed their special time spent with adults sharing…

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