Mayfield School has been chosen to be part of a pilot project called Skills Blox alongside a number of local primary schools and coordinated by the Primary Business Partnership (PBP).

According to PBP :

SkillsBlox helps to identify and build the skills which will enable our young people to flourish in the future, whichever pathways they choose. 
The PBP SkillsBlox Framework is built around Tony Wagner’s – 7 Skills for the Future which were outlined in his book The Global Achievement Gap…the skills people will need to succeed in a global knowledge economy.  Aside from the obvious ways this learning will meet workplace needs, these skills will support the confidence and abilities of young people as they proceed through their education and lives more generally.
The seven skills are outlined below with their equivalent descriptions we’ve adapted them for Skills Blox in bold italics for the primary audience.


Collaboration and Leading by Influence – being good leader or team player




Agility and Adaptability – being adaptable to change




Curiosity and Imagination – being curious and imaginative




Good Oral and Written Communication – being a great communicator




Accessing and Analysing Information – being good at using information




Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – being a Problem Solver




Creativity and Entrepreneurship – having great and exciting ideas




Four classes are trialing this at Mayfield and will be feeding back to PBP the successes and outcomes of the programme. We have already provided feedback regarding the skills and their link to SEND students.