Our curriculum at Mayfield School reflects all the different stages of education from 3-19yrs. It adapts and changes as the needs of our young people adapt and change. The curriculum is divided into three different phases.

Early Years Foundation Stage
5-16yrs Curriculum
Post 16
Each phase has different pupil pathways to meet different needs.

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Mayfield School, our Early Years team have been early adopters of the new EYFS Framework, which aims to build skills in the following areas

communication and language
physical development
personal, social and emotional development
understanding the world
expressive arts and design
The overarching principles of this curriculum is that every child is unique and constantly learning, the environment is enabling and different children are allowed to develop at their own individual rates. The children are given the opportunity to learn through playing and exploring, active learning and developing creativity and problem solving skills.

 5yrs – 16yrs Curriculum

During this phase of education, we offer our pupils three different curriculum pathways. These pathways are based on the EQUALS curriculum, which has been specifically designed for pupils with additional learning needs.

 1. Pre- Formal Curriculum

This is curriculum is a person centered, holistic curriculum, designed for our pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. It aims to give pupil an environment, which they can understand and encourages them to build routines, facilitate changes and make choices.  Additional programs such as MOVE, hydrotherapy, intensive interaction and other personalised packages supplement the curriculum. 

 2. Semi- Formal

 The semi-formal curriculum pathway is developmental in nature and open to personalisation. This is a non-subject specific learning pathway and is planned around termly topics, which incorporate key skill areas. It aims for pupils to develop the highest level of independence as possible and builds skills in the following areas.

My Outdoor School
My Physical Well-being
My Communication
My Play and Leisure
My Independence
My Thinking and Problem Solving
The World About Me
My Drama
My Dance
My Art
My Music
 3. Formal

Our Formal Curriculum is a subject specific curriculum, which has been adapted to cater for the needs of our pupils. The curriculum is not related to age, but rather where someone is on his or her learning journey at any particular time.

In Key Stage One and Two our formal pupils follow a National Curriculum based curriculum but also bring in elements of developing independence, life skills and thinking and problem solving, building on the semi-formal curriculum.

In Key Stage Three and Four our formal pupils, transfer to the Moving-On Equals Curriculum and have an opportunity to complete ASDAN Transition Challenge. This begins their preparation for adulthood and gives them the opportunity to make their skills and knowledge functional.     

We recognise that some pupils will fluctuate and excel in specific parts of the curriculum. Where this is the case, pupils are given the opportunity to work across different curriculums. For example, a semi-formal pupil who excels at numeracy will access formal numeracy sessions. We also have the opportunity to bring in subject experts or link with local mainstream secondary schools, to allow our pupils to access higher qualifications if they show a particular talent for a subject.

Post-16 Curriculum

Our Post-16 pupils, follow three different ASDAN curriculum pathways.  ASDAN is a national recognised awarding body whose curriculums help young people to develop knowledge and skills for learning, work and life in preparation for adulthood. All pupils at Mayfield School have the opportunity to access this formal recognition of their achievements.   

Towards Independence – Sensory

Towards Independence sensory awards are specifically designed for our pupils with Profound and Multiple learning difficulties. They focus on developing key skills such as communication, making choices and controlling and understanding their environments.   

Towards Independence – Progression

Towards Independence provides a framework of activities to develop and accredit personal, social, work-related and independent living skills for those pupils working below Entry Level 1. It offers units of work in the following areas.

Communication and numeracy
Creative studies
Independent living
Leisure, recreation and sport
Personal development, PSHE and citizenship
Levels of support are used to show how each pupil has achieved the activity, which allows for differentiation between pupils and demonstrate progression.

ASDAN Personal Development Programme

This curriculum pathway is suitable for those pupils working at Entry Level 1 and above. This pathway allows pupils to develop a range of skills such as teamwork, independent learning and coping with problems that will help them to become more independent when they leave school and move on to their next step in life.

Maths, English and ICT are delivered through Open Awards allowing additional opportunity for pupils to gain qualifications.

Pupil’s achievements can be certificated at three different levels.

Bronze (10 - 50hours)
Silver ( 60 Hours)
Gold (120 hours)
To allow for individual rates of study.

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