What is it?

Work Experience at Sixth Form offers students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world of work. We try to offer students a range of experiences to empower them to make choices in the future. We teach our students that work can be varied; from voluntary, through to paid work. We offer a range of sessions over a 3 year rolling programme within Sixth Form, all supporting students with their independence and future plans. 

Why we do it?

Work Experience in our Sixth Form provision covers a range of learning opportunities and experiences. These include participation in:

  • Gardening and Horticulture in the school garden and grounds
  • Input from partners such as Inspira, Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Youth Alliance
  • Virtual meeting with local employers
  • Duke of Edinburgh Aware in the community
  • Work visits to local employers
  • Work experience at trusted and familiar work place settings in the community or in school work opportunities (e.g. office work, site maintenance, working with younger students)
  • Work related learning through participation in Enterprise Projects
  • Work related learning through Asdan Accreditation 

What impact has it?


  • Students develop their confidence when applying their knowledge of the world of work.
  • They gain life skills, including communication with the public and unfamiliar people. 
  • Students also gain an insight into possible future employment opportunities. 
  • Students gain understanding of earning potential money – This is mainly taught through the enterprise projects. 
  • Students develop their understanding of the routine and professionalism involved in having work and preparing one self for work. 
  • Students develop an understanding of working as a team, taking and giving instructions through effective communication. 
  • Students develop an understanding of the challenges and achievements possible when working together as a team


We thank all of our Community businesses and establishments who have supported our students to develop their experiences of the world of work over the past few years. 

  • Inspira
  • Cumbria Youth Alliance
  • Cumbria Local Enterprise
  • Cumbria Work Experience