(Movement Opportunities via Education)


MOVE (Movement Opportunities via Education) is an activity based, goal directed programme or curriculum which uses the combined knowledge of education, therapy and family to teach physically impaired children and adults the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring to the best of their abilities. We achieve this through the development of a personalised programme with the family and child at the centre of the approach. 

Mayfield School is a nationally recognised MOVE Regional Centre of Excellence offering high quality support and training in MOVE.

The programme is designed to develop maximum independent physical movement, thus promoting a wide range of life experiences. Benefits of the approach are the improvements in cognitive development, communication skills, health and social inclusion. Greater mobility increases the ability to take an active role in school, home and the wider community. Movement is seen as the foundation for learning
Mayfield School is committed to providing physical opportunities for all pupils irrespective of their physical abilities. The MOVE programme is an integral part of the pupil’s curriculum. MOVE is an activity based approach which uses the combined knowledge of education, therapy and family to teach children with severe motor disabilities the skills of Sitting, Standing, Walking and Transferring.


  •  a philosophy
  • functional, useful, measurable progress for setting life goals
  • a collaborative effort between families and professionals – “It takes a team to move”
  • a program that offers assistance for people with a singular disability to complex disabilities
  • a program that changes ways of thinking, changes attitudes and promotes inclusive living
  • a structured program based on assessment and accountability
  • a top down approach that helps develop skills beyond the highest skills an individual already possesses
  • a way of life used throughout the day, used anywhere in an activity
  • embedded into existing curricula and activities
  • cost-efficient and effective


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