What is Massage?

Our massage therapy is an inclusive programme of positive touch which is designed to improve students well being.

All massages are designed to have a positive and calming impact on our students.

Permission is sought beforehand and is carried out on clothed students in a wonderfully relaxed room with calming music.


Why we do it

The outcomes for students are:

  • increased awareness of the body
  • a reduction in aggressive behaviour
  • happier and more relaxed students
  • improved calmness and concentration
  • massage offers a lovely opportunity for bonding, gentle relaxing touch is a great non verbal way to communicate tenderness and care and helps to build a connection between student and adult
  • it promotes a secure attachment and releases feel good hormones


What impact it has had

All techniques used in our sessions are designed to have a positive effect on the body.  This in turn allows the students to return to a calm state more quickly than they may have normally done.

It increases blood circulation in the body making breathing better, reduction in stress, pain, anger and aggression as well as an aid to restful sleep.

The benefits of massage on the muscles can lead to a releasing of tightness, tension and toxins.  It encourages deep breathing by relaxing the body and improving posture.


Massage therapy is carried out by our own trained and experienced staff who have completed courses accredited by Beauty Guild and the Guild of Holistic Therapists.