Following the same ethos as Forest School, our Beach School project aims to use the coast as a platform for a whole new learning experience, in order to provide children with the opportunity to explore their natural surroundings in an organised setting.

We aim to provide children with the opportunity to visit, learn and fall in love with the beach. By providing a hands-on inspirational learning environment, we are already seeing the positive effects which outdoor learning has on children.

Whilst there the children engage in games and learn about the environment; they are given the freedom to explore and discover. sessions can range from rockpooling to shelter building, fire making to learning about tides and recycling. the possibilities are endless.  

The general idea of a beach school session is not to follow a fixed plan but rather to be more fluid and to encourage children’s instinctive curiosity. Then, meet their learning and developmental needs through the natural world. What’s great about beach schools is no two beach school sessions will ever be the same. We believe it is so important to get kids outside, experiencing and enjoying nature. 

The children develop their:

  • Independence
  • Social skills
  • Physical skills
  • Confidence

The children are always fully immersed into their sensory surroundings; listening to the waves crash against the rocks or feeling the cold sand on their bare feet, the awe and wonder which the children display is always an amazing thing. 

Beach schools give children the opportunity to appreciate many aspects of beaches and the coast which they may not have thought about or even experienced at all.