At Mayfield School we refer to this as Bucket Time! 

It consists of a 4 stage programme:

  • Stage 1 The Bucket - Focusing Attention 
  • Stage 2 The Attention Builder - Sustaining Attention 
  • Stage 3 The Interactive Game - Shifting Attention 
  • Stage 4 The Table Activities - Transition 

It is an irresistible invitation to learn that promotes spontaneous communication.   It enables us to teach all areas of the curriculum creatively.  It promotes shared attention and communication and builds independence in pupils own learning.

There is 1 member of staff currently in school trained who carries out interventions throughout school as well as delivering it to her own class. 

We started implementing this intervention in September 2019 and we have seen huge improvements relating to children’s engagement…

Click here to follow the link to Gina Davis Autism Centre to find out more.

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