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Info for Parents
Intensive Interaction Resources

Sensory Issues and Communication using Body Language
( 128 k)

Speak to Me
( 129 k)

The Autonomic Storm
( 177 k)

Can we Talk?
( 688 k)

New Information about Autism
( 169 k)
Parents/Carers Questionnaire
( 535 k)
Headteachers Newsletter September 2015
( 308 k)
Autism Parent Workshops and Drop Ins
( 87 k)


It has been brought to our attention that there have been bogus fundraisers knocking on house doors in the local area collecting funds for our school, reportedly saying that we have lost some government funding.

This has not been approved by school and has been reported to the police.

We would never undertake house to house collections on behalf of the school.

If you are aware of this happening please contact the police immediately to enable these people to be caught.

Gillian Temple, Headteacher


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