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20th January 18
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Prism Arts

Prism Arts runs weekly arts workshops for young people and adults with learning disabilities at Distington Community Centre.  The group takes a multi art form approach, meaning that participants learn a range of new skills including movement, drama, visual arts and music.  The programme is delivered by professional artists.  

Last year the students embarked on a exciting new project based on The Vikings.

Supported by Heritage Lottery fund, members of Studio Theatre West had a research visit to the Isle of Man to 'Discover the Vikings of West Cumbria', visiting Peel Castle, Manx Museum, House of Manannan and Balladoole. Thanks to Manx Heritage a fab time was had by all involved.  When they returned, the group created a play based on the information they had gleaned from the trip.

The Saga of Ernest


After researching their Viking heritage, Prism Arts Studio Theatre West worked with students from Distington Community School to create this Viking saga, they produced the story and then worked with students to make puppets and props. They then rehearsed the show, The Saga of Ernest.

Ernest is alone, his family disappeared, his home burnt by the Viking raiders.  He sets off to find his family, unknown to him, he is being watched.  With only his love and determination he has to battle ice giants and monstrous birds in a land that is being torn apart.  He has till the next full moon to save his family and the world.

The saga will be taken on tour and performed at schools and venues along the west coast of Cumbria and then taken back to the Isle of Man.

Dragon’s Lantern

Students from Mayfield have been working with Prism Arts West Coast Studio Theatre, to devise, create and rehearse Dragon’s Lantern: a puppet performance inspired by Cockermouth’s Georgian heritage, and popular entertainment of the day. The show follows the story of two small children, who work long grey hours in the vast mill – until one day, their imaginations begin to run riot…

The group are taking the production on a regional tour, including a closed performance at Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond: the oldest working theatre in the UK that’s still in its original form. They will also be giving a public performance of Dragon’s Lantern at the Kirkgate Centre in Cockermouth, and will be performing for classmates and parents at Mayfield School in March.

Here are some links that might be useful, to pages on the Prism Arts website, and to the animation that the group produced last academic year.

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